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“Transform negative stress into positive and constructive energy.”

Experience a detailed consultation to determine your precise issues and needs. A specific program will then be adapted for you.

Massage lasts 1hour or 1:30 hours.
For an in-depth treatment, it is recommended to do 3 to 5 sessions in succession.
For preventive treatment, it is recommended to do 2 sessions per month.

Each session is different. It may include and combine the following techniques in association with relaxation and breathing exercises:

  • Reflexology
  • Pressure points (from Thaï massage)
  • Swedish massage
  • Indian facial massage


Not only will your balance be strengthened, but your potential and resources will be developed to experience better physical and mental well-being. Chronic conditions will be reduced for an improved quality of life and optimization of your health.


Reflexology belongs to the natural medicines. It is an ancient treatment that originates from Chinese medicine and acupuncture.
It is based on the principle that by applying pressure to reflex points (on hands, face and feet), the various glands, organs and tissues are correspondingly affected.
Feet, hands and the face are like a small map of our body.
A touch applied to specific areas locates tension thus restoring the balance of the body.

Reflexology releases the natural self-healing power of the body. This is a manual technique which deals with the body in its entirety. Reflexology helps to relieve various disorders without medication.

There are several types of Reflexology: foot reflexology, hand reflexology, facial and head reflexology.


Acupressure comes from Chinese medicine and acupuncture. It involves a gentle pressure made with the thumb usually through a towel to enable a deep penetration on the points.

The acupressure focuses on the points located along the 12 meridian lines. It combines perfectly with other techniques such as essential oil massage, reflexology and Thai-shiatsu by complementing and efficiently improving these methods.

It is a great method to fight against and relieve many daily problems (back problems, sleeping disorders, bone and joint problems, headaches etc …)