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Baby massage course now available.

You are expecting a baby and your body is experiencing some changes….
Congratulations! It’s now time to take care of yourself!

This special pregnant woman treatment will help easing the different pains from the pregnancy:

• Massage with organic oil (without any essential oils), including feet reflexology, pressure points and head massage,
• Lymphatic drainage to avoid water retention and help blood circulation
• Helping to gain back energy in case of overtiredness,
• Limbering up your back and tummy with smooth stretching to gain flexibility,
in order to create space for the baby,
• Breathing and visualization exercises to help getting ready for the delivery,
• and learning how to communicate with your baby…

Here are a few examples of what we could work on during your pregnancy.
It’s the first treatment which integrally considers your pregnancy: You and your baby.

It’s a beautiful and very special time, make sure you live it to its full!

“This is the first care that takes into account your pregnancy in its entirety: You and your baby. It’s a wonderful and unique moment, enjoy it to the full!”